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Learn how to make pillowy authentic Italian gnocchi at home in this interactive cooking class in Chefski’s Personal Kitchen.

This hands-on cooking class is all about gnocchi, a fixture of Italian cuisine since its invention in the 1700s. Gnocchi are potato dumplings — they work well with red sauce, caramelized vegetables, sweet sausage or creamy white sauce.

During this live and interactive cooking class with Chefski, you will learn the trade secrets to preparing authentic Italian gnocchi at home, including how to add those hallmark ridges to catch the sauce. But not just any sauce.

Chef will also teach you how to brew a batch of his famous parmesan cream sauce as well as a classic tomato sauce. From start to finish, you’ll discover how simple it is from scratch. For an appetizer, you’ll whip up authentic tricolored bruschetta with tomatoes, pesto and eggplant.


Cooking class is fully interactive.


Chef accompanies you throughout the entire process.


Ask as many questions as you want!


Fun, insightful and entertaining!

Duration: 2 -2.5 Hours

Menu: Tricolored Bruschetta with tomatoes, pesto and eggplant Gnocchi with Parmesan Cream Sauce and a Tomato Sauce

Price: $105 per person.

Enjoy chef prepared meals at any occasion.

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