Personal Chefski Experience

Our typical Chefski Experience is a 6-course plated dinner.  Each course is artistically plated and perfectly portioned!

The 6-course experience usually starts out with a bountiful charcuterie board, followed by a soup course, fish course, salad course, main course, and dessertski!

Our Chefski Experience includes the groceries and grocery shopping. Chef and Shelby come to your home to prepare the dinner, and they even bring the plate ware, silverware, cookware, etc! All Chef asks for is a clean kitchen and hungry guests!

Enjoy chef prepared meals at any occasion.

Want to chat about Foodski or about an eventski?

The Personal Chef Experience

“One of the things I love most about cooking for private events is the creativity and thought process that goes into menu planning. I believe that each menu has to be unique to its time and place. When it comes to your private event, we’ll work together to create an inspired multi-course or family-style menu that will surely leave a lasting impression on you and your guests.

While at your home, I encourage you and your guests to be as involved in the process as you’d like. I assure you your guests will love the fun environment of a professional chef doing his thing where everyone can see. I can also be a low-key back-of-the-house chef to make sure all your needs are met with comfort.”

The flavors, the freshness, and the experience! All of these elements produce an unforgettable experience you’ll want time and again. Chefski offers gourmet meals for any occasion – from an anniversary dinner for two, a traveling chef to accompany you on your vacation, a priceless addition to an office party, large scale events, cooking classes, weekly meal services, and more!

A culinary innovator known for producing top quality creative meals and a commitment to the freshest ingredients that he can acquire, Chefski sources his ingredients from local farmers whenever possible, from fresh meats and cheeses, to fresh produce, grains, and breads. Indiana has some of the best produce and meats in the country, and Adam is proud to showcase them in his culinary creations, and maintain the availability of fresh goods by buying from our farmer friends and family here in Hoosier Country and enjoy sustainable living.

Get in touch with Chefski today and let’s chat food! We’ll go over the details of your event, meal needs, along with dates and pricing. Consultations are always free!

 Chefski in the News Chefski makes burgers, potato salad, Indy Style

Chefski in the News Chefski makes burgers, potato salad, “Indy Style”

Chefski on Wish TV Part 1 Indianapolis Personal Chef

Chefski on Wish TV Part 1 Indianapolis Personal Chef